Arts in Education

Music From China travels to schools (elementary through high school) with our instruments to give students a unique, close-up and hands-on experience of music as a key to Chinese culture.

Our programs fit into Social Studies, History, Music Appreciation and Art Appreciation curriculum by giving students an understanding of China that can only come through music. Chinese history, views of the natural world and even hints of the tonal Chinese language are all reflected and explained in the pieces we play.

Students find our unfamiliar instruments fascinating and beautiful and love the chance to see and hear them close up and even experiment for themselves.

Programs are geared to students’ ages and levels – everything from Second Grade through high school and college.

A Musical Journey to China: School Assembly Program (grades 2-12)This assembly concert mixes music with explanations and demonstrations of Chinese instruments. The program includes the tuneful regional folk songs that have much to teach about China as a country and the Chinese way of life. The instruments in the A Musical Journey to China orchestra are the erhu (two-string fiddle), zheng (long zither), pipa (lute), ruan (round-bodied guitar) and yangqin (hammered dulcimer), as well as percussion instruments that range from large gongs to small bells and wooden blocks.

Classroom Workshop
Chinese music is introduced to students through hands-on learning. Musicians demonstrate how instruments are played and engage students in musical improvisation and performance. The workshop serves as a musical bridge for the study of China in the classroom.