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Commissioned Works

“Some of the most intriguing music composed in the United States during the last two decades has come from Chinese composers…. Music From China, an ensemble devoted to both traditional and contemporary works by Chinese composers, plays Mr. Zhou’s music with a fluid virtuosity.”
— Allan Kozinn, The New York Times

“The day may not be far off when instrumental combinations such as those heard on this remarkable CD [Antiphony, PRISM Quartet, Music From China] don’t strike many listeners as terribly unusual. When that time comes, this CD in general and Zhou Long’s piece in particular may be held up as pioneering achievements of the highest order.”
— James Keller, Chamber Music Magazine, May/June 2010

Music From China Commissioned Works

CHEN YI: Three Dances from China South (2014)
Erhu, pipa, dizi, zheng

ERIC MOE: A Panoramic Guide to Glacier Travel (2014)
Erhu, pipa, zheng, cello, percussion

HUANG RUO: The Murmuring Path (2014)
Erhu, pipa, dizi, cello

WANG GUOWEI: Leaving Home (2014)
Erhu, piccolo, cello

SCOTT STEELE: The Avoidance of a Word (2013)
Erhu, cello, percussion

KERWIN YOUNG: Fantasy of a Lonely Man (2013)
Erhu & pipa

WANG AMAO: The Feeble Breeze, The Sullen Spring (2013)
Zhonghu, bass clarinet, percussion

MICHAEL MILLER: Arapaima (2013)
Zhounghu & bass clarinet

ZHOU JING: Melancolique (2013)
Zheng & cello

LI XINYAN: Legend of the White Snake (2013)
Erhu, pipa, flute, percussion

FANG MAN: Dream of a Hundred Flowers (2012)
Erhu, sheng, pipa, yangqin & saxophone quartet

LEUNG KEI-CHUEK: Contradicting Unison (2012)
Clarinet, cello, erhu, zheng, video and electronics

DEREK BERMEL: Dragon Blue (2012)
Clarinet, violin, cello, piano, erhu, pipa and zheng

DU YUN: The Hidden Face (2012)
Clarinet, violin, cello, erhu, pipa and zheng

SAMSON YOUNG: The Third Pixel (2012)
Clarinet, violin, cello, piano, pipa, video and electronics

WANG GUOWEI: Tea House II (2012)
Erhu, pipa & zheng

BRIGHT SHENG: The Singing Gobi Desert (2011)
Erhu, pipa, sheng, yangqin, percussion & saxophone quartet

LEI LIANG: Messages of White (2011)
Erhu, pipa, sheng, yangqin, percussion, saxophone quartet

YU-HUI CHANG: Pu Songling’s Bizarre Tales (2011)
Erhu, yangqin, pipa, piccolo/alto flute, bass clarinet, percussion

MING-HSIU YEN: Chinatown (2009)
Pipa, yangqin, percussion & saxophone quartet

WANG GUOWEI: Songs for Huqin and Saxophone Quartet (2009)
Banhu, zhonghu & saxophone quartet

ZHOU LONG: Antiphony (2008)
Erhu, daruan, percussion & saxophone quartet

CHEN YI: Septet for Erhu, Pipa, Percussion & Saxophone Quartet (2008)

JASON KAO HWANG: In the Garden of Morning Glories (2007)
Violin, erhu, pipa, yangqin

WANG GUOWEI: Two Plus Two (2007)
Erhu, sanxian, yangqin, tape

CHEN YI: The Chinese Beauty (2007)
Pipa, zheng, erhu, dizi, violin, viola, cello

JINGJING LUO: The Daunting Bird (2006)
Flute, dizi, erhu, pipa, percussion

WANG GUOWEI: Lullaby (2006)
Erhu, clarinet, piano

VIVIAN FUNG: Night Impressions (2005)
Erhu, pipa, dizi, 2 percussionists

ZHOU LONG: Mount a Long Wind (2004)
Erhu, pipa, dizi, zheng, percussion

DOROTHY CHANG: Embers (2003)
Dizi, erhu, zheng, percussion

WANG GUOWEI: Drinking Alone with the Moon (2002)
Erhu, xiao, pipa

WANG GUOWEI: Three Poems for Erhu (2002)
Erhu (gaohu, zhonghu), pipa, xiao, percussion

WANG GUOWEI: At the Sky’s Edge (2002)
Erhu & 2 percussionists

CHEN YI: Chinese Fables (2002)
Pipa, erhu, cello, percussion

LI BINYANG: Beyond Poems (2002)
Zhongruan, dizi, percussion

PAUL RUDY: Wood, Wind, Water, Earth (2001)
Erhu, dizi, yangqin, tape

Erhu, dizi, zheng, percussion

KUI DONG: Singing, the Moon Reels
Dancing the Shadows Stir (2001)
Erhu, zheng, dizi, cello, clarinet, percussion

JAMES MOBBERLEY: Souvenirs (2001)
Erhu, pipa, zheng, dizi, percussion

JASON KAO HWANG: The Floating Box — A Story in Chinatown (2000)
Opera for 3 singers & 8-piece mixed orchestra

ZHOU LONG: Rites of Chimes (2000)
Cello, pipa, erhu, zheng, sheng, dizi, xun, percussion

BUN-CHING LAM: Omi Hakkei (2000)
Erhu (zhonghu), dizi (xiao, xun), zheng, viola, flute, harp

PAUL RUDY: Fantasie (2000)
Erhu & tape

MICHAEL TIMPSON: Chasin’ Bill (2000)
Dizi, erhu, pipa, yangqin, zheng, daruan

JINGJING LUO: Slash and Burn (1999)
Erhu, dizi, sheng, pipa, percussion

JASON KAO HWANG: Bending Duration, Breathing Distance (1999)
Erhu, accordion, cello, percussion

ZHOU LONG: Tales from the Cave (1998)
Huqin & percussion quartet

KUI DONG: Three Voices (1998)
Zheng, xiao, erhu

JASON KAO HWANG: Interior Migrations (1998)
Erhu, pipa, viola, bass clarinet

WANG GUOWEI: Sheng (1996)
Erhu solo

ZHOU QINRU: Moving Clouds (1996)
Erhu, pipa, dizi, zheng, sanxian, percussion

ZHOU LONG: Konghou Fantasia (1995)
Soprano, erhu, zheng, pipa

HAN YONG: Seven Brocades (1995)
Dizi, zheng, erhu, percussion

XU XIAOLIN: Swordplay (1994)
Zheng solo

ZHOU LONG: Buddhist Thoughts (1993)
Zhongruan, daruan, zheng

CHEN YUANLIN: Two Prose Poems (1993)
Yangqin, daruan, erhu, dizi

DANIEL PALKOWSKI: Two Peas in a Pod (1992)
Pipa duo

BUN-CHING LAM: Walking Walking Keep Walking (1991)
Voice and small ensemble

QU XIAOSONG: Stillness (1991)
Yangqin, zheng, percussion

CHEN YI: Suite (1991)
Pipa, sanxian, erhu, dizi, yangqin (percussion)

ZHOU LONG: Suzhou Balladry (1990)
Chinese ensemble

ZHOU LONG: Han Chinese Folk Songs (1990)
Chinese ensemble

ZHOU LONG: Conquest Music of the King of Qin (1989)
Chinese ensemble

ZHOU LONG: Dunhuang Music (1989)
Pipa, zheng, daruan, dizi, sheng, percussion

CHEN YI: The Tide (1988)
Chinese ensemble

ZHOU LONG: Heng (1987)
Pipa, zheng, yangqin, xiao, erhu, percussion

ZHOU LONG: The Moon Rising High (1986)
Pipa and Chinese ensemble