youth orchestra


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The Sun Shines on Tashikurgen
Yangqin and orchestra

The composition incorporates musical material of Xinjiang drawn from the song “Beautiful Tashikurgen,” the dizi solo “Springtime on the Pamir” and music of the Tajik people. Exuberant dance rhythms and song-like melodies reflect the openness and passionate character of the people of Xinjiang.


Fisherman’s Song
Liuqin and orchestra

Fishing is an important livelihood of the Hezhe ethnic minority of Heilongjiang province in northeastern China. Accompanied by the orchestra, the liuqin plays a lyrical melody with bending notes and crystalline tremolo that evokes fishermen returning over the serene waters at twilight.


Beautiful Africa
Yangqin and orchestra

The rhythms of African drumming and percussive music inspired the creation of this work.


Enchanting Tai Lake
Tai Lake is located in the city of Wuxi. In this Jiangnan region (south of the Yangzi River), music is characterized by flowing melodies with bright timbres that evoke the elegance of Chinese gardens, lakes and pavilions.


Thunder in a Drought
Adapted from a traditional tune, this re-creation by the Cantonese musician Yan Laolie more than a century ago uses profuse melodic embellishment to invoke a lively, uplifting mood.